7 Best Coffee Shops in Paris, France: Your Guide to Cozy Cafés

by Ray Roman | Last updated on June 14, 2024

Paris, often called the City of Lights, is also a city of great coffee. As we stroll along the charming streets, we discover that each café in Paris offers a unique blend of French tradition and modern flavors. From the classic Parisian terraces to the trendy, cozy nooks, there’s a café for every mood and moment.

A cozy Parisian coffee shop with outdoor seating, adorned with charming bistro tables and colorful flower boxes, nestled in a picturesque cobblestone street

We cherish these spots for more than just their brews; they’re social hubs where friends meet, artists muse, and the fast pace of the city slows to a gentler rhythm. Join us as we explore the delightful café culture that is a cornerstone of Parisian life, and let’s uncover the top coffee destinations that the city has to offer.

1) The Caféothèque of Paris

image 7

We recently had the pleasure of visiting The Caféothèque of Paris, a spot that stands out with its cozy atmosphere and hip artwork. What’s remarkable about this place is its baristas, who are not just skilled at their craft, but they’re incredibly knowledgeable about the different beans and brewing methods. It’s the kind of spot where you can sense the dedication to quality in every sip.

The interior of Caféothèque invites you to unwind, with its warm lighting and a selection of seating options. Whether you’re sinking into a sofa for a long catch-up with friends or pulling up a chair at a table to get some work done, this place just feels right. Each corner of the café has its own character, complemented by artwork that adds a cool vibe to the space.

While the ambiance is certainly a draw, the real star here is the coffee. With beans sourced from around the world, coffee enthusiasts are in for a treat. The range of flavors available is impressive, and it feels like a global coffee tour with each visit. Their espresso is a favorite among regulars, but no matter your preference, there’s something to delight your taste buds.

Rating: 4.2 (2421 reviews)
Location: 52 Rue de l’Hôtel de ville, 75004 Paris, France
Contact: +33 1 53 01 83 84
Website: Visit Website

2) Boot Café

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Nestled in the trendy Marais neighborhood of Paris, we found the charming Boot Café. The café, with its deep blue facade and vintage vibes, is a quaint spot that buzzes with the energy of locals and travelers alike seeking a great cup of coffee. Even with its compact size, this coffee shop has made a big impression on us with its cozy atmosphere.

As we stepped inside, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee enveloped us, a true promise of the delicious experience to come. The interior, with its mismatched chairs and intimate setting, feels like a well-kept secret among coffee enthusiasts. Boot Café’s baristas are friendly and knowledgeable, adding to the warm and welcoming spirit of the place.

The menu, though concise, offers a variety of choices that cater to different preferences. Their espresso-based drinks are especially noteworthy – expertly prepared, each sip is a testament to the café’s commitment to quality. The pastries available, perfect to accompany the coffee, are equally tempting and satisfying.

Rating: 4.6 (539 reviews)
Location: 19 Rue du Pont aux Choux, 75003 Paris, France
Contact: +33 1 73 70 14 57
Website: Visit Website

3) Clove Coffee Shop

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When we stepped into Clove Coffee Shop, the warm aroma of freshly ground coffee beans greeted us instantly, making it clear why this cozy spot in the 18th arrondissement has become a beloved haunt for both locals and visitors. With its chic yet comfortable decor, it offers the perfect backdrop for a morning espresso or a casual afternoon break.

What makes this coffee shop stand out is its commitment to quality and detail. From the expertly brewed artisanal coffee to the selection of homemade pastries, everything is crafted with a level of care that can only come from passionate baristas and bakers. The ambiance is one of relaxed conviviality; the kind of place we could linger over a book or catch up with friends without ever feeling rushed.

Clove Coffee Shop also boasts an impressive dedication to sustainability, evident in their use of locally sourced ingredients and eco-friendly practices. This commitment not only enhances the flavor of their offerings but also fosters a sense of community engagement that we found both refreshing and inspiring.

Rating: 4.9 (407 reviews)
Location: 14 Rue Chappe, 75018 Paris, France
Website: Visit Website

4) Brouillon Coffee Paris

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Walking into Brouillon Coffee Paris, we’re immediately welcomed by the warm atmosphere and the smell of freshly roasted coffee. This isn’t just a place to grab a quick caffeine fix; it’s a destination for coffee lovers who appreciate the art behind the perfect cup. They specialize in specialty coffee, taking immense care in every step, from bean to brew.

Inside the cozy shop, the passionate baristas serve us with a smile, ready to share their knowledge about the different coffee varieties. The espressos are smooth, the lattes are creamy, and each sip speaks volumes of the quality and expertise that goes into their creation. The shop’s commitment to sustainability and support for local producers is apparent, and it’s clear that Brouillon values both people and the environment.

Here, we also find a taste of the local community, as the shop doubles as a hub for Parisians and tourists alike. It’s a wonderful spot to sit with a book, work on a laptop, or enjoy a conversation with friends. Every detail, from the carefully sourced coffee to the recyclable packaging, shows Brouillon’s dedication to making a positive impact.

Rating: 4.9 (457 reviews)
Location: 42 Bd de Magenta, 75010 Paris, France
Website: Visit Website

5) Café d’Auteur « Specialty Coffee Paris »

image 2

When we first stepped inside Café d’Auteur, the cozy ambiance paired with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee made us feel right at home. This gem of a coffee shop in the heart of Paris is a haven for coffee enthusiasts. The artistic touches and the warm, convivial atmosphere create the perfect backdrop for a coffee-tasting experience. It’s as though every cup they serve is a work of art, crafted with expertise and passion.

We were particularly intrigued by their selection of pure origin coffees and limited edition creations. These carefully chosen beans are from the best harvests of the season and available in very small quantities, making each sip a unique experience. The idea of composing a varied basket to sample the diversity in flavors is a lovely way to explore their offerings. Be aware – these are limited stock items, which makes them all the more special.

As we interacted with the staff, it was evident that they have an in-depth knowledge of coffee. They provide workshops that dive into both the art and the science of coffee, making it not just a place to enjoy a drink, but also to learn. For any coffee-related queries, the staff is more than willing to engage in conversation, sharing their passion and expertise.

Rating: 4.8 (440 reviews)
Location: 39 Rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris, France
Contact: +33 6 14 91 39 92
Website: Visit Website

6) KB CaféShop

image 8

As we wander through the vibrant streets of Paris’ 9th arrondissement, we stumble upon KB CaféShop. Known for its robust selection of in-house roasted coffees, this gem offers a stunning street-side view that captures the heart of this bustling city. Sipping a coffee here, you’ll quickly understand why it’s a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Inside, the atmosphere is a blend of cozy and chic, perfect for those lazy afternoons or a quick caffeine fix in the morning. Alongside their coffee, KB CaféShop serves up an assortment of home-made pastries that are as delightful to the eye as they are to the palate. It’s our go-to spot to indulge in a sweet treat while soaking in the neighborhood’s charm.

Founded over a decade ago, KB CaféShop has solidified its status in the Parisian coffee scene. Whether it’s the warm embrace of the morning brew or the inviting terrace that offers a glimpse of the Sacré-Cœur, our experiences here are always memorable. And for those who’ve become fans, their coffee subscription service ensures that a piece of KB CaféShop can be enjoyed right in the comfort of your home.

Rating: 4.2 (1509 reviews)
Location: 53 Av. Trudaine, 75009 Paris, France
Contact: +33 1 56 92 12 41
Website: Visit Website

7) Kawa

image 5

When we stumbled upon Kawa in the heart of the Marais district, we knew we were in for a special treat. This isn’t just your average coffee shop; it’s a hub for coffee connoisseurs and those who appreciate the craft of coffee roasting. Their passion for sourcing the best beans directly from the growers is evident in every sip you take. Walking into Kawa, we were greeted with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that felt like a cozy retreat from the bustling Parisian streets.

We were intrigued by the range of exceptional, limited series coffee they offer, including some rare varieties that are hard to come by. It’s clear that Kawa takes pride in presenting unique tastes and experiences to their patrons. We reveled in the chance to taste the Geisha, Sudan Rume, Bourbon Rose & Sidra varieties, all of which boasted distinct and memorable flavors.

For those who love their coffee and want more to savor at home, Kawa offers an enticing subscription service. It’s a great way for us to discover new coffee grounds with the convenience of having them delivered right to our doorsteps. Their swift delivery promise ensures that every cup we brew is as fresh as it gets.

Rating: 4.8 (349 reviews)
Location: 96 Rue des Archives, 75003 Paris, France
Contact: Not Available
Website: Visit Website

The Coffee Culture in Paris

In Paris, every cup of coffee has its own story and the city’s cafés are not just places to drink but destinations of culture and history.

A Brief History of Parisian Cafés

Parisian cafés have been cultural hotspots for centuries. Back in the 1600s, the first café opened and became a place where people could meet and share ideas. This tradition has continued, and over time, these establishments have become symbol of the city. They are often seen as the birthplaces of philosophical and literary movements, and many famous writers and thinkers used to frequent these spots. Places like Les Deux Magots and Café de Flore are famous even today.

Why Paris is a Haven for Coffee Lovers

We find that Paris is a paradise for anyone who loves coffee. With a café on nearly every corner, there’s never a lack of options. Whether you’re seeking a traditional espresso or a modern latte, you’ll find both the old and the new. Coffee shops like Cafés Richard have maintained a classic approach to coffee making, ensuring that visitors can always experience an authentic French coffee. Meanwhile, newer shops are also emerging, adding a contemporary twist to the Parisian coffee scene.

What to Expect in a Parisian Coffee Shop

When we visit a Parisian coffee shop, we’re stepping into a cozy atmosphere steeped in tradition. Here, sipping a carefully crafted espresso is just as important as soaking in the unique Parisian ambiance.

Ambiance and Decor

As we enter one of Paris’s cherished coffee shops, we’re often greeted by an intimate setting with lots of character. Imagine furniture that tells a story, often a mix of vintage chairs and modern minimalist tables. We might see local art decorating the walls, or fresh flowers giving a pop of color. The lighting is usually soft and inviting, perfect for those who appreciate a quiet moment or a leisurely chat with friends.

Popular Coffee Drinks

In our cups, expect nothing but meticulously prepared classics. Espresso and café crème are staples, with baristas taking great pride in their craft. Some cafes also serve specialty drinks like milk oolong tea and chai latte, providing something for all tastes. The coffee can be strong, so those with a lighter palate might opt for a noisette, which is an espresso with a dash of milk.

Pastries and Snacks

It wouldn’t be a Parisian coffee shop without the delightful array of pastries and snacks. We typically find a select choice of freshly baked croissants, pain au chocolat, or a tart slice of quiche. Each item pairs wonderfully with a cup of coffee for a mid-morning treat or a light lunch.

Coffee Shop Etiquette

We mind our manners in these quaint establishments by embracing the local etiquette. It’s common to greet the staff with a friendly “Bonjour” upon entry. Coffee shops are seen as places to unwind, so we often don’t see laptops or hear loud phone conversations. Spaces can be snug, and sharing a table with a stranger is part of the Parisian experience – just remember to ask with a polite “Est-ce que je peux?” before sitting down.

Exploring Neighborhoods for Great Coffee

People walking past charming cafes in Paris, France. Outdoor seating, colorful signage, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee

We’ve discovered some brilliant spots around Paris where the love for a good cup of coffee comes alive. Each neighborhood tells its own story through the unique flavors and atmospheres of its coffee shops.

Le Marais

Le Marais is vibrant and full of history, with narrow streets lined with boutique shops, art galleries, and, of course, fantastic coffee spots. Ten Belles stands out here, offering some of the best brews in the city. Here’s a little secret for you: their third location near the picturesque Canal Saint-Martin is a must-visit and holds a special charm for those lazy afternoons. Find more about this shop and its excellent service in 12 Best Coffee Shops In Paris.

  • Coffee Vibes:
    • Ambiance: Cozy and friendly
    • Must-try: Their signature drip coffee
    • Perfect for: A relaxing break after strolling through the art galleries


Over in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the coffee culture is interwoven with literary history and Parisian elegance. Cafés here serve up rich coffee perfection, like the exquisite cappuccinos you’ll find at On Partage. It’s a spot where locals and travelers can commune in a setting that feels like a warm, welcoming home. They take coffee seriously, and it shows in every cup, earning it acclaim as one of the best coffee shops in Paris.

  • Coffee Insights:
    • Atmosphere: Sophisticated yet warm
    • Recommended: The creamy cappuccino
    • Ideal for: A morning pick-me-up before visiting nearby bookstores

Tips for Enjoying Parisian Cafés

Finding joy in Parisian cafés comes easily when we know the best times for a visit and how to interact with the friendly faces behind the counter.

Best Times to Visit

Morning Magic: We love heading to cafés early when the city stirs to life. It’s a quieter time, perfect for savoring a croissant alongside a cup of expertly crafted coffee. Morning visits also mean we get our pick of the best seats, be it a cozy corner or a sidewalk table with a people-watching view.

Afternoon Delights: By afternoon, the café scene buzzes with energy. This is a great time for us to enjoy the ambient chatter and maybe catch a spontaneous coffee tasting session.

Interacting with Baristas

A Smile Goes a Long Way: Remember, baristas in Paris take pride in their work, so a smile and a friendly “bonjour” can make our experience even more pleasant. We’ve learned that showing appreciation for their fine brews can sometimes lead to delightful conversations and useful local tips.

Know What You Want: It helps when we approach the counter with a clear order in mind. We like to keep it simple with phrases like “Un café, s’il vous plaît,” and always say “merci” – thank you. Gratitude is key, and it makes our every café visit charmingly Parisian.