Exploring The World One Destination At A Time

I’m thrilled to have you here, joining me on a journey through some of the most exquisite travel destinations and culinary experiences the world has to offer. My name is Ray, and I’m the travel enthusiast and food lover behind this blog.

What Is Top Rated Destinations?

Top Rated Destinations is your go-to source for travel inspiration and culinary delights. Whether you’re planning your next vacation, looking for the best eateries, or simply dreaming of distant lands and mouthwatering dishes, you’ll find it all here.

What You’ll Find Here:

  • Travel Guides: Detailed itineraries, travel tips, and must-see attractions for destinations worldwide. From bustling cities to serene countryside, I cover a variety of locations to suit every traveler’s taste.
  • Food Reviews: Honest and insightful reviews of restaurants, street food vendors, and local markets. Discover the best places to eat and what dishes to try.
  • Cultural Insights: Stories and insights into the cultures, traditions, and histories of the places I visit. Gain a deeper understanding of the world through its people and their way of life.
  • Travel Tips: Practical advice on everything from packing essentials to navigating public transportation. Make your travels smoother and more enjoyable with these handy tips.
  • Personal Stories: Anecdotes and personal reflections from my travels. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the life of a part-time travel blogger and the memorable moments that make each journey unique.

Why Follow Top Rated Destinations?

Traveling and food are more than just passions; they are a way to connect with the world, understand different perspectives, and appreciate the beauty and diversity of our planet. Through Top Rated Destinations, I aim to inspire you to embark on your own adventures, try new foods, and create unforgettable memories.

Join me as I continue to explore new places, meet incredible people, and taste the world one dish at a time. Your next adventure is just a click away!

Feel free to reach out, share your own travel stories, or ask for recommendations. Let’s make this journey together!

Happy travels and bon appétit!

Ray and Tammy
Founders, Top Rated Destinations

Meet The Team


Ray Roman

Ray co-founded Top Rated Destinations and is the main content contributor to the site. He has traveled to over 28 US states and over a dozen Caribbean destinations. He and Tammy love to cruise.

Ray also brings over 15 years of experience as a content creator, SEO expert, and social media marketer.

tammy pic

Tammy Roman

Tammy co-founded Top Rated Destinations and is an editor for the site. She has traveled across the US Caribbean and most recently spent seven days in Paris, France, with our co-founder and friend Nancy.

She brings project management and writes all of our SOPs for the site.