Carnival Cruise Cove Balconies – The Sea Up Close

by Ray Roman | Last updated on November 26, 2023

We love Carnival Cruise cove balconies. Let’s check out what makes cove balconies our favorite and why you may also want to book one.

These Cove balconies are designed to provide passengers with a more intimate and private relaxing space while enjoying the ocean view. Compared to regular balconies, Cove balconies are more enclosed with solid steel panels that cover the sides and bottom half of the railing, resulting in a smaller opening for added privacy.

Carnival Dream Cove Balconies
Cove balconies on Carnival Dream are on the second deck.

However, this innovative design does have some downsides as well. While they provide greater privacy and a closer connection to the sea, they may feel more confined than traditional balconies.

It’s essential for potential passengers to weigh the pros and cons of Cove balconies in comparison to more conventional options. In this article, we explore the unique features and experience of Carnival Cruise Cove balconies to help you decide whether one is the right choice for your next vacation.

Carnival Cruise Cove Balconies – Key Takeaways

  • Cove balconies offer increased privacy and closer connections to the ocean on Carnival Cruise ships.
  • These unique staterooms may feel more confined than regular balconies due to smaller openings.
  • Carnival Cove balconies are available on selected Dream, Vista, and Excel-class ships.

Carnival Cove Balcony Overview

Our Carnival Cove balconies provide unique cruise experiences across various Carnival ships, such as Mardi Gras, Horizon, Magic, Breeze, Dream, and Vista. The exceptional features of these balconies make them a popular choice for many passengers.

Carnival Dream – Cove Balcony 2321 Tour

Cove balconies differ from regular balconies as they are more enclosed and situated closer to the water level. This proximity allows for a more intimate connection with the ocean and adds to the overall cruise experience. The design of the cove balcony includes solid steel panels along the sides and bottom half of the rail, making it more private than a standard balcony.

Regarding size, cove balconies on the Horizon, for example, are 10 square feet larger than regular balconies. This additional space allows us to stretch out, relax, and enjoy the views. We also have the luxury of two patio chairs and a small table for our convenience.

Carnival Cruise Line offers various amenities on their ships, and the Cloud 9 Spa is one of them. Sailing on ships like the Carnival Celebration, Carnival Magic, or Carnival Vista can provide access to this superb wellness center. So when booking a cove balcony, consider whether you’d like to take advantage of this relaxing opportunity during your cruise vacation.

In summary, cove balconies offer privacy, additional space, and a unique connection with the ocean across multiple Carnival Cruise ships such as Mardi Gras, Magic, Horizon, Cloud 9 Spa, Vista, Celebration, Breeze, Dream, and more. When choosing, always consult the deck plan to select the perfect cove balcony for your cruise experience.

Carnival Cruise Cove Balconies – Stateroom Features

Size and Layout

Cove Balcony Staterooms on Carnival Cruise ships offer a comfortable space for guests, with an average size of 185 sq. ft. and a balcony area of 45 sq. ft. These staterooms come with two twin beds that can be converted into a king-size bed, providing flexibility for different sleeping arrangements. In addition, some staterooms have the capacity to accommodate up to 4 guests.

Carnival Cruise Cove Balconies are designed with ample drawer and closet space for guests to store their belongings. The staterooms also feature an interactive TV, a hairdryer, a mini-bar, and a mini-safe for added convenience. The private bathroom has a shower and is stocked with essential toiletries, ensuring guests stay comfortably.

Privacy and Views

One of the standout features of a Cove Balcony on Carnival Cruise ships is the enhanced privacy compared to standard balconies. The sides and the bottom half of the balcony railings are made from a solid steel panel with a smaller opening, providing greater privacy for guests.

The enclosed design of the cove balcony also allows guests to enjoy impressive views while minimizing distractions from neighboring balconies. The balconies have two patio chairs and a small table, creating a cozy space for guests to relax and enjoy the picturesque surroundings. However, Carnival Cruise Line advises against hanging clothing and towels to dry on the balcony for safety reasons, as mentioned in their Balcony Stateroom Information.

Comparing Cove Balconies to Regular Balconies

Deck Plans

Carnival Cruise Cove Balconies are unique to select Carnival Cruise Line ships, such as Carnival Vista and Carnival Magic. These balconies are built into the ship’s steel hull and are located on Deck 2, close to the waterline and near the ship’s lifeboats. This offers a different perspective on the sea, as you’re not on a typical balcony that hangs off the ship. On the other hand, regular balconies are situated higher up on the ship and usually have a more open design.

Carnival Cruise Cove Balconies are more enclosed than standard balconies. The sides and bottom half of the balcony rail are made from a solid steel panel, with a smaller opening than a normal balcony. This setup provides greater privacy for cove balcony stateroom guests. However, some downsides include the possibility of water splashing onto the balcony during rough weather and closer proximity to the noise and vibrations from the ship’s engines.


When deciding between a cove balcony and a regular balcony, the price can be an important factor. Cove balconies tend to be more affordable than regular balconies due to their location on the ship and unique design. However, weighing the pros and cons of each type of balcony is essential to determine if the price difference is worth it.

For example, one Cruise Critic forum post discusses a price difference of $220 between a cove balcony on Deck 2 and a regular balcony on Deck 6. Some passengers may prefer the privacy and unique experience offered by the cove balcony and consider it a worthwhile trade-off, while others might prioritize a higher vantage point and choose a regular balcony stateroom.

In conclusion, cove and regular balconies on Carnival Cruise Line ships have advantages and drawbacks. When choosing between these two types of accommodations, it’s essential to consider factors such as privacy, deck plans, and price, in addition to personal preferences and priorities.

The Cove Balcony Experience

Morning Coffee and Refreshments

Waking up in a Cove Balcony stateroom is a unique experience. Imagine starting your day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea on a private balcony, taking in the stunning panoramic sea views. Our balconies feature two patio chairs and a small table, giving you the perfect spot to enjoy your morning refreshments while cruising toward your next destination.

Proximity to the Water

One of Cove Balconies’ main features is their proximity to the water. Locating closer to the waterline provides a one-of-a-kind vantage point for appreciating the beauty of the ocean and marine life. Feel the gentle sea breeze and hear the soothing sound of waves lapping against the ship’s hull, creating an incredibly immersive cruising experience.

Sea and Privacy

Cove Balconies provide an added level of privacy not often found in traditional balcony staterooms. They are more enclosed, with the sides and bottom half of the railing made from a solid steel panel, resulting in a smaller opening than a standard balcony. This design allows guests to enjoy the breathtaking views and fresh ocean air while maintaining a sense of seclusion and privacy from neighbors.

Access to Amenities

While enjoying the serenity and exclusivity of a Cove Balcony, rest assured that you will still have easy access to all the fantastic amenities our Carnival Cruise ship offers. From our luxurious spas, and world-class dining options to exhilarating entertainment and activities, a Cove Balcony stateroom provides the perfect balance of personal retreat and access to the vibrant life on board.

With the Cove Balcony Experience, you’ll be able to fully appreciate the essence of cruising – the breathtaking views, the soothing sounds of the sea, and the ultimate privacy – while also taking advantage of the ship’s incredible offerings.

Carnival Cruise Cove Balconies FAQ

What are the benefits of a Cove balcony compared to a regular balcony?

Cove balconies are located closer to the water, providing a unique and immersive experience. With its proximity to the water, these balconies offer a spectacular view of the ocean and its wildlife. Additionally, Cove balconies can be more private and sheltered from the wind and sun than regular balconies.

Do Cove balconies have better views?

The view from a Cove balcony can be considered more exciting due to its closeness to the water. Guests can enjoy watching fish, dolphins, or other sea creatures swimming by and observing other cruise activities like pier runners. However, the view from a higher, regular balcony might provide a better panorama of the overall surroundings.

Are Cove balconies available on all Carnival ships?

Cove balconies can be found on Carnival’s Excel-class, Vista-class, and Dream-class ships, which include ships built since 2009. You can find more information about the specific ships with Cove balconies here.

How private are Carnival Cove balconies?

Due to their lower positioning on the ship’s hull, Cove balconies offer more privacy than regular balconies. The balconies are also shaded, keeping them cooler and more comfortable during sunny days.

What is the price difference between a Cove and a regular balcony?

The price difference between a Cove and a regular balcony can vary based on factors like sailing dates, ship class, itinerary, and availability. Generally, Cove balconies tend to be a more affordable option compared to regular balconies. We recommend checking for promotions and discounts on the official Carnival Cruise website to find the best deals.

Are there any restrictions or limitations for Cove balcony guests?

Some restrictions should be taken into account when booking a Cove balcony. Due to safety concerns, guests are advised not to hang clothes or towels to dry on the balconies. Additionally, the balcony lighting can be controlled only until 2:00 am, as stated on the Carnival Cruise Line help center. It is also essential to note that Cove balconies might not be suitable for guests with mobility issues or young children, as they are closer to the water.