Carnival Cruise Entertainment Guide (2023 Edition)

by Ray Roman | Last updated on January 15, 2024

Carnival Cruise lines are all about promoting enjoyment and a vibrant atmosphere! Boasting a variety of options, from family-oriented activities and adult-centric fun to thrilling nightlife and captivating performances, Carnival Cruises ensures a memorable time for all.

Every cruise Tammy and I have been on has had great live music, fantastic shows, and many activities to keep us busy.

Carnival Cruise Entertainment

The are many entertainment choices to choose from which can make it seem daunting but fear not; we have you covered.

Leverage this comprehensive guide to Carnival Cruise entertainment to help you select the most suitable onboard activities for you and your loved ones.

Note: Not all ships will have the activities listed in this article.

Carnival Cruise Entertainment Types

On most Carnival cruise ships, you will find about six different types of entertainment. You’ll find activities suitable for the whole family, activities explicitly made for kids and teens, high-production shows, Carnival Kitchen, and a casino.

Let’s get started exploring your Carnival Cruise entertainment options.

Family Fun

Carnival provides many family-friendly experiences on their ships, encompassing parties, activities, and entertainment suitable for all ages. Here are some examples of the family-oriented fun opportunities you can expect onboard Carnival Cruises

Sail Away Party

Starting your cruise on a high note is easy with the lively Sail Away Party, which offers excitement and enjoyment for family members of all ages. If you aren’t already feeling the vacation vibes, this fantastic event will surely get you in the spirit.

Dive-In Movies

The Dive-In Movie experience allows cruise-goers to enjoy various film genres on a gigantic screen, all while relaxing on poolside recliners or even floating in the pool.

From thrilling action movies and laugh-out-loud comedies to romantic films perfect for date night, these events cater to families and movie lovers of all ages. Carnival ensures a full movie-going experience with delectable popcorn, abundant blankets, and a memorable evening under the starlit sky.

Thrill Theater

The Thrill Theater invites you to enter the screen and become integral to the action. With its cutting-edge 3D visual effects, you’re carried away on a sensory adventure—feeling the wind whip through your hair, witnessing spectacular lighting effects, and experiencing the subtle movements of your seat, all designed to fully submerge you into the cinematic experience.

The theater offers diverse shows, from family-friendly presentations to exclusive shows tailored for adults aged 17 and up. You’ll find the Thrill Theater on the Carnival Breeze and Carnival Vista.

Water Activities

Carnival Cruise Lines’ WaterWorks water parks are a fantastic arena for family fun. These captivating water parks ensure a thrilling day for the family, filled with exhilarating zooms and splashes. Moreover, Carnival equips its ships with multiple pools for diverse experiences.

The mid-ship pools offer a serene setting for relaxation and sunbathing, complemented by large screens for your entertainment. For those who love to feel the refreshing ocean winds, the aft deck offers another pool which is a perfect spot to enjoy the cool sea breeze.

The Bolt Seacoaster

BOLT is the world’s first rollercoaster at sea, designed by a designer in Munich. It debuted in July 2021 on Mardi Gras, the first of Carnival’s Excel-class ships, and is currently found on Carnival cruise ships Mardi Gras, and Carnival Celebration, and will also be available on Carnival Jubilee when it debuts in 2023.

BOLT is an open-air rollercoaster that runs high above sea level, and it is a motorcycle-style speed machine that can reach up to 40 miles per hour. The ride takes approximately two minutes to complete, featuring hairpin turns, drops, and views of the ocean. To ride BOLT, you must be a minimum of 4 feet, 4 inches tall (52 inches), up to a maximum of 6 feet, 5 inches tall (77 inches).

The weight limit for each rider is a maximum of 300 pounds. Unlike the pedal-powered SkyRide found on Carnival Vista, Horizon, and Panorama, BOLT is powered by electricity and does not require guests to manually power the cars. Overall, BOLT is an exciting and unique experience for thrill-seekers looking to enjoy a rollercoaster ride while cruising the open seas. (sources: Carnival, The Points Guy, Cruise Critic, Cruise Spotlight)


The Skyride is a pedal-powered rollercoaster. It’s a cool easy ride above the top deck—the coaster runs the length of about 1/2 the ship.

Skyride on Carnival Vista


Take family fun to new heights aboard Carnival’s SkyCourse. This onboard ropes course is a thrilling way to spend sea days and an opportunity for those afraid of heights to face their apprehensions head-on. Explore your daring side on this exciting ropes course.

Hasbro Game Show

Challenge your game skills against fellow cruisers in fun family games like Connect 4, basketball, and Operation Slam Dunk. Join forces with your family to vie for exciting prizes and enjoy an unforgettable game night!

Clue: The Seafaring Mystery

Lovers of the classic board game Clue will be thrilled by this maritime version. Transform the entire Carnival ship into your personal game board as you watch the characters come alive. Grab a Clue case file, attend scheduled events, and watch as the murder mystery unfolds. The Captain even offers a reward to whoever can solve the mystery!

Lip Sync Battle

Unleash your inner superstar in this entertaining showdown. Carnival provides everything you need for an extraordinary performance: choreographers, music, lighting, props, and backup dancers. Prepare to outperform your fellow cruisers in a lip-sync battle for the ages.

Family Feud Live

Experience the classic game show Family Feud Live, now on Carnival Mardi Gras and coming soon to Carnival Celebration and Carnival Jubilee. This game replicates the classic TV show, including the Face-Off Podium and Fast Cash round. Kids can also join in, so sign up your group of five and audition to participate!

Fun Games for the Whole Family

For a day filled with family fun, try mini-golf – a featured activity on every Carnival Cruise ship. There are also various ball games like basketball, volleyball, and dodgeball. For trivia lovers, participate in the popular trivia nights and test your family’s collective knowledge.

Kids and Teens Entertainment and Activities

Carnival’s entertainment options provide plenty of fun for kids and teens. It’s a great opportunity for them to make new friends while parents get to enjoy some leisure time.

Camp Ocean

Camp Ocean, suitable for kids aged 2-11, offers a plethora of activities to keep the young ones engaged and entertained throughout the cruise. Supervised activities like Pirate Game Nights, Musical Icebergs, and Marine Life Trivia are part of the fun!

Seuss at Sea

Carnival’s exclusive Seuss at Sea allows kids to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Dr. Seuss. Join in for Seuss-A-Palooza Story Time, explore Dr. Seuss Bookville, or participate in the Seuss-A-Palooza Parade for a day filled with whimsical adventures!

Kids Party Time

With the Welcome Aboard Party and Kids Farewell Party, Carnival ensures that children start making new friends as soon as they step aboard.

Club O2

Club O2, specifically designed for teenagers aged 15-17, is the ultimate onboard hangout spot. Teens can enjoy movies, music, karaoke, and more, creating unforgettable memories.

Teen Party Time

Carnival understands the thrill of meeting new people as a teenager. With themed parties like the Mexican Fiesta, Dress To Impress Party, and Red Carpet Party, the fun never ends.

Digital Play

Let your kids and teens explore virtual worlds in the onboard digital play areas. It’s a fantastic platform for young gamers to collaborate, compete and have fun!

Adult Entertainment and Activities

While the kids are taken care of at Camp Ocean and Club O2, adults can enjoy a range of entertaining activities.

Adult Only Retreat

This adults-only haven on every Carnival ship provides the perfect escape for solo travelers, couples, or parents. Lounge on comfortable hammocks or day beds and embrace the tranquility.

Carnival Kitchen Cooking Demonstrations

Learn from world-class chefs in the hour-long cooking demonstrations, complete with taste tests. These popular events fill up quickly, so ensure to arrive early.

Mixology Competition

Fancy yourself a cocktail connoisseur? Enter the onboard mixology competition and show off your skills. Winning cocktails are then served at selected bars throughout the cruise.

Art Seminars, Games, and Exhibitions

Broaden your artistic knowledge by attending fun games and enriching art events.

Dance Classes

Brush up on your dance moves with complimentary dance classes before hitting the nightclubs.


Groove to the beats spun by Carnival’s resident DJs and dance the night away in the onboard nightclubs. Theme nights are a must-try!


Gamble away at the onboard casino, located in the heart of the entertainment deck. There’s something for everyone, from Blackjack to Slots and poker tournaments for prizes.

Carnival Cruise Shows

Carnival Cruise Live Shows are an integral part of the onboard experience that takes your sea adventure to another level. Combining world-class talent, spectacular costumes, and state-of-the-art sound and lighting, these live shows offer diverse entertainment options to cater to every preference.

Whether it’s Broadway-style musicals, heart-pounding magic shows, or uproarious comedy gigs, these performances offer an unforgettable sensory experience amidst the backdrop of the open ocean.

Playlist Productions

The live shows on Carnival Cruise aim to inspire, entertain, and captivate. With Playlist Productions, your favorite music tracks come alive in full-scale musical productions featuring a talented ensemble of singers and dancers.

The Punchliner Comedy Club

Enjoy rib-tickling performances by professional comedians in family-friendly and adult-only shows. Check out the Fun Times delivered to your stateroom daily for show times.

Live Music

Rock and roll with Carnival’s incredible live performances. There’s a music venue for everyone, from island-inspired rock at the RedFrog Pub to sing-along jams at the Piano Bar.

Carnival Cruise Entertainment Final Thoughts

We have never been lacking entertainment while on a cruise with Carnival.

Whether it’s engaging in family games or dancing till the wee hours in the nightclub, there’s something for everyone aboard these ships.