Carnival Cruise Luggage Restrictions: What You Need to Know

by Ray Roman | Last updated on July 26, 2023

Tammy and I have traveled extensively on Carnival Cruise Lines. We can say we are now experienced and thoroughly understand Carnival’s luggage policy. But we weren’t always in the now. So let’s dive into Carnival Cruise luggage restrictions so you can enjoy your cruise.

Part of having a stress-free vacation is understanding the luggage restrictions and guidelines. Knowing what and how to pack before embarkation will ensure a smooth sailing experience.

Carnival Cruise Luggage Restrictions

Carnival Cruise Line has established luggage restrictions to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers and to comply with security regulations.

These Carnival Cruise luggage restrictions cover various aspects, including the number, weight, and size of bags, carry-on policies, and guidelines for checked bags as well as those that must be tagged with Carnival Luggage Tags.

Additionally, it’s essential to be aware of the items that Carnival Cruise Line prohibits or restricts on board. Furthermore, understanding the embarkation and debarkation process with respect to your luggage will help to ease any potential travel concerns.

Key Takeaways

  • Be aware of luggage restrictions, including the number, weight, and size of bags allowed on Carnival Cruise Line.
  • Familiarize yourself with the carry-on and checked bag policies, as well as the use of Carnival Luggage Tags.
  • Keep in mind prohibited and restricted items to ensure a smooth embarkation and debarkation process.

Basic Luggage Restrictions

Regarding Carnival Cruise luggage restrictions, passengers are allowed to bring as many bags as necessary for their trip. However, it is important to adhere to the weight and size limits for each piece of luggage.

For convenience, both carry-on and checked luggage have specific guidelines.

Carry-on luggage must be small enough to pass through the X-ray machine at security checkpoints. According to Carnival’s guidelines, each bag’s dimensions should not exceed 16″ in height x 24″ in width. This ensures the luggage is properly screened and fits the designated onboard storage spaces.

For checked bags, the weight limit is 50 pounds per bag. This limitation guarantees the safe and efficient handling of the luggage by the crew members. Exceeding the weight limit may lead to additional charges or the need to repack bags to meet the requirements.

In summary, Carnival Cruise luggage restrictions and guidelines allow passengers to bring multiple bags on board, provided they adhere to the established weight and size restrictions for both carry-on and checked luggage. By respecting these guidelines, travelers can enjoy a smooth and hassle-free embarkation process and a comfortable stay in their staterooms.

Carnival Luggage Tags

When embarking on a Carnival Cruise, passengers must attach Carnival luggage tags to each piece of their luggage. These tags include essential information such as the guest’s name, embarkation date, stateroom number, and ship name. Using the correct luggage tags ensures that bags are delivered to the correct cabin promptly.

We use these tag holders for our luggage.

Carnival Cruise Lines provides electronic luggage tags that can be accessed after completing the online check-in process. Passengers should print one tag for each luggage item and firmly affix it to their bags. They should make sure all tags are secured properly and visible to the crew members handling the luggage.

While Carnival Cruise Lines supplies paper luggage tags, some passengers may prefer to purchase luggage tag holders for added durability. These protective plastic sleeves safeguard the tags against water damage and tearing during the embarkation process.

Upon arrival at the cruise terminal, curbside porters can assist with luggage transport and ensure smooth and efficient service. It is vital for passengers to have already fastened their Carnival luggage tags to each bag, as the porters use this information to transport the luggage directly to the respective cabin number onboard the ship.

By properly utilizing Carnival luggage tags and ensuring they are securely fastened to each item, passengers can enjoy a seamless start to their cruise vacation, with their belongings safely delivered to their cabins.

Carry-On Policies

When embarking on a Carnival Cruise, they must know their carry-on policies to ensure a smooth boarding process. Each guest is allowed one carry-on bag, preferably a small piece of luggage or a backpack, with dimensions not exceeding 24 inches wide, 16 inches high, and 12 inches deep.

One of the key items to pack in your carry-on is your passport and other travel documents. As these are essential for boarding and clearing customs, ensure they are easily accessible and secure. It’s strongly recommended to have a photocopy of your passport as a backup measure in case the original is lost or damaged.

When it comes to medications, it’s essential to pack them in your carry-on bag to ensure that you have access to them at all times. Additionally, it’s advisable to bring enough medication to last the entire trip, plus a few extra days just in case. Remember to pack your prescription in its original container with the pharmacy label to avoid any issues or confusion.

Valuables, such as jewelry, electronics, and important papers, should also be included in your carry-on bag to minimize the risk of loss or damage. It’s a good idea to use luggage organizers, like packing cubes or zippered pouches, to keep everything organized and easily accessible while onboard.

In conclusion, adhering to Carnival Cruise’s carry-on policies will help guarantee a smooth and enjoyable embarkation process, allowing you to focus on the exciting vacation ahead. Pack your passport, travel documents, medications, and valuables in your carry-on bag, ensuring a hassle-free cruise experience.

Checked Bags Guidelines

When preparing for a Carnival Cruise, knowing the luggage restrictions and guidelines is important to ensure a smooth and hassle-free embarkation process. This section will discuss the guidelines for checked bags, including weight limits, size requirements, and other restrictions.

First, there is no limit to the number of bags you can bring on a Carnival Cruise. However, each bag must weigh less than 50 pounds and meet specific size requirements to fit through the X-ray machine and be stored under the bed in your stateroom1. It is worth noting that any bags exceeding the weight limit or size requirements may be subject to additional fees or not allowed on board.

For suitcases and other pieces of luggage, the size requirements dictate that they must be small enough to fit under the bed in your stateroom. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the dimensions of your luggage and choose suitcases that meet the appropriate criteria. While there is flexibility in the number of bags, it is recommended that passengers traveling on cruises of 3-5 nights limit their luggage to one bag per person and cruises of 6 days or longer to no more than two bags per person2.

Regarding restrictions, certain items are prohibited on Carnival Cruises, such as weapons, illegal items, and anything that could pose a risk to passengers’ safety3. Ensure you thoroughly review the Carnival Cruise Line prohibited items list before packing your checked luggage to avoid any potential issues at the embarkation point.

It is important to keep in mind that while Carnival Cruise does not generally search passengers’ luggage, they reserve the right to search if they have a suspicion of illegal items or activity. In such cases, the search will be conducted professionally, and passengers can refuse. However, refusal to cooperate could result in being asked to leave the ship.

In conclusion, knowing and adhering to the checked luggage guidelines set forth by Carnival Cruise Line will help ensure a smooth embarkation process and a pleasant trip. By following the weight limits, size requirements, and luggage restrictions, you can confidently prepare for your upcoming cruise.


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Embarkation and Debarkation

Embarkation day for Carnival Cruise passengers involves a few essential steps to ensure a smooth boarding process. Upon arrival at the port of call, porters assist guests with their luggage, which must adhere to the Carnival luggage restrictions. The luggage is then transported to the passenger’s stateroom while they proceed to the security screening area.

All carry-on items must pass through an X-ray machine during the security screening. This step is crucial to maintaining onboard safety and security. After the screening, passengers enter the check-in area to receive their room keys and embark on their much-awaited cruise vacation.

Air travel arrangements should also be considered, as some guests may need to arrive at the port via airplane. Carnival Cruise Line suggests arriving at the cruise port a day earlier to ensure guests have ample time to rest and avoid air travel difficulties, such as flight delays or cancellations.

Debarkation day marks the end of the cruise journey, but it requires guests to follow specific procedures to ensure hassle-free disembarkation. One option for travelers is the Carry Off option, which allows passengers to carry their luggage off the ship, eliminating the need to leave the luggage outside the cabin on the last evening of the cruise. This option provides more control and flexibility for guests, especially those with early flights or other post-cruise plans.

In summary, both embarkation and debarkation processes on Carnival Cruise involve necessary measures and steps to make sure passengers have a seamless, enjoyable, and safe vacation experience. By understanding and following these procedures, guests can focus on having a memorable time aboard the cruise ship.

Prohibited and Restricted Items

Carnival Cruise Line has a list of items that are prohibited or restricted on their vessels to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all passengers. Being aware of these restrictions while preparing your luggage for the cruise is important.

One of the primary restrictions is on bringing items that could potentially be thrown overboard, as this poses a risk to the cruise ship environment and marine life. The items overboard policy clearly states that throwing anything overboard is strictly prohibited and could result in penalties or removal from the ship.

Regarding packing for your cruise, there are some specific items that passengers cannot bring onboard. These include:

  • Weapons of any kind, such as firearms and ammunition, knives, and other objects that could be used as weapons
  • Alcoholic beverages, aside from one 750 ml bottle of wine or champagne allowed per adult
  • Non-alcoholic beverages in containers other than a can or carton, exceeding 12 cans/cartons per person or 12 ounces each in size
  • Illegal drugs and other substances
  • Large coolers or iceboxes
  • Any household appliances, including irons and hot plates

Cruise ships have limited storage and security facilities, so Carnival Cruise Line also imposes restrictions on the weight and size of the luggage you can bring. Each bag must not exceed 50 pounds, and its size must be small enough to pass through the X-ray machine at security checkpoints. More information about luggage limits can be found here.

In addition to these restrictions, the cruise line also enforces strict policies regarding the preservation of the ship’s aesthetics and the privacy of other passengers. Drones, hoverboards, and any decorations that may damage the ship’s surface are not allowed.

It is crucial to adhere to these prohibited and restricted items guidelines to ensure a smooth and enjoyable cruise experience for all passengers. Remember to double-check your luggage before boarding to avoid inconvenience or penalties while on your Carnival Cruise vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the luggage size limitations on Carnival Cruise?

Carnival Cruise Line has specific luggage size limitations for both checked bags and carry-on luggage. Checked bags should not weigh more than 50 pounds each. Carry-on luggage is subject to screening via an x-ray machine with a size limit of 16″ in height x 24″ in width. It’s important to adhere to these size limits to ensure smooth and efficient boarding and disembarkation. source

How many luggage items can each guest bring on a Carnival Cruise?

Carnival Cruise Line allows guests to bring a reasonable amount of luggage on board. While there isn’t a strict limit on the number of luggage items, passengers should keep in mind the allowable weight and size restrictions mentioned above. It’s advisable to pack light and make sure you can manage all luggage items comfortably, especially during embarkation and disembarkation.

Are there restrictions on liquids for Carnival Cruise?

Yes, Carnival Cruise has restrictions on liquids similar to those enforced by airlines. When packing carry-on luggage, remember the 3-1-1 rule: each passenger may carry liquids, gels, and aerosols in containers of 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or smaller, placed in a single, one-quart (1 liter) clear, resealable plastic bag. Larger quantities and containers should be placed in checked luggage, ensuring weight and size limitations compliance.

What items are prohibited on Carnival Cruise?

For the safety and security of all passengers, Carnival Cruise Line has a list of prohibited items that guests are not allowed to bring on board. These items include firearms, ammunition, large scissors, martial arts equipment, and illegal drugs.

Additionally, certain items like hair dryers, irons, and surge protectors are prohibited due to potential fire hazards. For a complete list of prohibited items, please consult Carnival’s website.

Can passengers bring alcohol or wine on a Carnival Cruise?

Carnival Cruise Line has specific guidelines for guests who wish to bring alcohol or wine on board. Each adult (21 years or older) can bring one 750ml bottle of wine or champagne per person only in their carry-on luggage.

Beer, liquor, and other spirits are not allowed. The cruise line offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages for purchase on board, and passengers can also choose from various prepaid beverage packages to enjoy during their cruise.

Carnival Cruise Luggage Restrictions Final Thoughts

Carnival Cruise luggage restrictions and guidelines are there for a purpose. You need to understand and follow them to avoid any issues with security.

Early on, we made a few mistakes with carry-on items (we brought in too many bottles of champagne) and quickly learned our lesson.

Review the Carnival Cruise luggage restrictions above, and call or email Carnival if you have questions or need clarification on any of the guidelines. Happy Cruising.

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