How to Contact John Heald of Carnival Cruise Lines

by Ray Roman | Last updated on January 15, 2024

If you’re an avid Carnival cruise-goer, you’re likely familiar with the name John Heald, the lively and jovial Brand Ambassador for Carnival Cruise Lines.

This article will walk you through how to contact John Heald, provide background on his role within Carnival, and highlight the situations when reaching out to him might be beneficial.

John Heald Carnival

Background Information on John Heald

John Heald has become a recognizable figure in the cruise industry, having been with Carnival Cruise Lines for over 30 years. Starting as a bartender, he quickly rose through the ranks to become the Cruise Director and, eventually, the Brand Ambassador.

His engaging personality and commitment to customer satisfaction have made him a beloved figure among cruise-goers.

Interview With John Heald

An Interview With John Heald, Carnival Cruise Line’s Brand Ambassador Aboard Mardi Gras | New Ship

Reasons to Contact John Heald

Whether you have specific feedback about a recent cruise, questions about upcoming trips, or want to share your memorable cruise experience, John Heald’s office is a crucial point of contact.

His responses often provide valuable insights and can significantly impact your overall cruising experience.

Understanding the Correct Channels

To contact John Heald, it’s essential to know the best channels. While there are various methods for contacting Carnival Cruise Lines, reaching Heald requires explicitly a more targeted approach.

How to Contact John Heald via Social Media

Heald is active on several social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can follow him, comment on his posts, or send a direct message.

Keep your messages succinct and polite for the best chance of getting a response.

Contacting John Heald through the Carnival Cruise Blog

Heald runs a blog that shares updates about Carnival Cruise Lines, anecdotes from his life at sea, and interacts with readers.

By leaving comments or questions on his blog posts, you can engage with him directly. He frequently responds to these comments, providing a personalized touch.

Emailing and Direct Contact

While direct email contact information might not be widely available, there might be certain circumstances where this method is deemed appropriate.

If available, ensure your email is professionally written, clear, concise, and respectful.

What to Do If You Can’t Reach John Heald Directly

In some cases, reaching out to Heald directly may not be feasible. Instead, contact the Carnival Cruise Lines customer service or public relations department.

If your initial contacts don’t resolve your issue, don’t hesitate to ask for the matter to be escalated.

What to Expect After Contacting John Heald

Response times can vary based on Heald’s schedule and the volume of inquiries. However, Heald and his team are committed to responding as promptly as possible.

Your patience is appreciated during this process.


Knowing how to reach out to John Heald enhances your cruise experience. By maintaining open communication and demonstrating patience, you can ensure your feedback or queries are acknowledged and addressed.

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Reach out, ask your questions, and get ready for your next exciting Carnival Cruise experience!