What is a Pullman Bed on a Carnival Cruise?

by Ray Roman | Last updated on November 26, 2023

What is a pullman bed on a Carnival Cruise? That’s a question I have asked myself since I’ve never been on a cruise that had one. So, as I always do, I set out to do some research, and here is what I found.

A Pullman bed on a Carnival Cruise is typically stored in the ceiling or wall and can be pulled down or unfolded for use, providing additional sleeping space in cruise ship cabins. It’s similar to a bunk bed and often used for children or additional passengers in a cabin, thereby maximizing the usage of limited space.

The inventor of the Pullman bed was George M. Pullman.

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What is a Pullman Bed on Carnival Cruise Line: A Concise Guide

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When planning a cruise vacation, you may come across the term “Pullman bed” in the descriptions of cabin accommodations.

A Pullman bed is a space-saving feature found in many cruise ship cabins, including those on Carnival Cruise ships. These beds either pull down from the ceiling or fold out from the wall, allowing for more efficient use of floor space while providing extra sleeping arrangements in a cabin.

Understanding how a Pullman bed works can help you make better decisions about your cabin selection. On Carnival Cruise ships, Pullman beds are commonly used for children, but they may also be suitable for adults as long as they meet the weight requirements.

The bed offers a convenient way to accommodate additional passengers without compromising too much space in the cabin.

By choosing a cabin with a Pullman bed, you can make the most of your Carnival Cruise experience, ensuring that everyone in your group has a comfortable place to sleep.

Now that you know what a Pullman bed is and how it functions, you’ll be better prepared for your upcoming cruise and can focus on enjoying your time at sea.

Understanding Pullman Beds on a Carnival Cruise

Pullman Bed Definition

A Pullman bed is a versatile and space-saving bed option found in Carnival Cruise cabins. These beds are either pulled down from the ceiling or folded out from the wall, making them ideal for accommodating multiple passengers while conserving floor space.

When you’re not using your Pullman bed, it can be easily tucked away to create a more spacious living area.

Types of Pullman Beds

On a Carnival Cruise, there are primarily two types of Pullman beds:

  1. Ceiling Pullman Beds: This type of Pullman bed is mounted in the ceiling and can be pulled down when needed. It’s securely locked into place when in use and is returned to the ceiling once it’s no longer required.
  2. Wall Pullman Beds: Similar to ceiling Pullman beds, wall Pullman beds fold out from the cabin walls.

Both types of Pullman beds provide a comfortable and convenient sleeping option for you and your fellow travelers aboard a Carnival Cruise.

They are designed to be used by children and adults alike, as long as they meet the weight requirements. Just remember that these beds are typically sized for one person, so you may need to consider other arrangements if you’re planning to sleep with a partner.

Configurations and Features of Pullman Beds

Upper Pullman Beds

Upper Pullman beds are designed to maximize space in cruise ship cabins. These beds pull down from the ceiling or fold out from the wall, providing additional sleeping areas without taking up valuable floor space.

With their space-saving design, you can comfortably accommodate more people, especially children, in your cabin.

Lower Pullman Beds

Lower Pullman beds function similarly to Upper Pullman beds, but are positioned closer to the floor. These beds fold down from the wall or a seating area, offering a comfortable sleeping option while still conserving cabin space.

Lower Pullman beds are particularly useful for those who prefer not to climb ladders or sleep at a higher elevation.

Folded Up

When not in use, Pullman beds conveniently fold away, either into the wall or up towards the ceiling. This feature allows you to regain valuable floor space and maintain a neat cabin appearance.

Simply lift or tuck the bed away and your cabin is instantly transformed back into a spacious living area.

Guard Rails

Safety is a top priority on cruise ships, which is why Pullman beds are equipped with guard rails. These protective barriers help prevent accidental falls while you or your loved ones are sleeping.

The rails are typically slim and unobtrusive, ensuring a secure sleeping environment without sacrificing comfort.


To help you easily access Upper Pullman beds, a ladder is provided for your convenience. The ladder can be attached securely to the bed, ensuring safe and easy access for both children and adults.

Once you’re finished using the ladder, simply detach and store it in a designated area to maximize your cabin space.

Weight Limit

Pullman beds are designed to accommodate most adults and children safely; however, they do have a weight limit to ensure proper functionality and security. Considering that these beds are attached to the wall or ceiling, exceeding the weight limit may compromise the bed’s structural integrity.

For heavy people, a Pullman bed may not be the best choice, and the same goes for tall people, as these beds are relatively short.

Before using a Pullman bed, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with its specific weight limit, which can be found in your cruise ship’s cabin literature or by asking a crew member. This way, you can ensure a safe and comfortable sleeping experience for everyone in your cabin.

Safety and Accessibility of Pullman Beds

Age Limit

While Pullman beds are a convenient option for adding sleeping space in cruise ship cabins, it’s essential to consider the age of the person using the bed.

Due to their height and safety features, these beds are not recommended for very young children. It is advisable to check the specific age limit set by Carnival Cruise for using Pullman beds before booking your cabin.

Room Steward

A key factor in the accessibility of Pullman beds is the assistance provided by your cabin attendant. These beds are typically folded away during the day and can be pulled down at night when it’s time to sleep.

Your room steward is responsible for setting up and securing the bed each evening. If you have any concerns or need adjustments made for safety or comfort, be sure to discuss these with your room steward.

Pullman beds on Carnival Cruise ships come with guard rails to help prevent accidental falls during sleep.

The guard rails may not be very high, but they are designed to offer a reasonable level of safety to users. Ensure that you’re familiar with the bed’s safety features and how to operate them to guarantee a secure and restful night aboard the ship.

In summary, the safety and accessibility of Pullman beds on Carnival Cruise ships depend on adherence to age limits, effective communication with your room steward, and familiarity with the bed’s safety features.

Don’t hesitate to share your concerns or ask questions to ensure a pleasant and secure stay during your cruise adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Pullman beds work on Carnival Cruise?

Pullman beds on a Carnival Cruise are designed to maximize space in your cabin. They either pull down from the ceiling or fold-out from the wall of your cabin, offering additional sleeping space while taking up minimal floor area.

These beds are typically set up by the cabin steward during the evening turndown service and stowed away in the morning.

What is the weight limit for a Pullman bed on a Carnival Cruise?

Although the exact weight limit may vary, Pullman beds on a Carnival Cruise are generally suitable for most adults.

However, they are not recommended for particularly heavy individuals. It’s always a good idea to check with the cruise line regarding specific weight limits before booking your cabin.

Are Pullman Beds on Carnival Cruise suitable for adults?

Yes, Pullman beds on Carnival Cruise ships are suitable for adults. They are designed to provide a comfortable and convenient sleeping option for passengers of all ages.

Keep in mind, though, that these beds may not be suited for individuals with limited mobility or those who are particularly heavy.

What is the difference between a Pullman bed and a convertible lower bed?

A Pullman bed is a type of bed that pulls down from the ceiling or folds out from the wall in your cabin. A convertible lower bed, on the other hand, is typically a sofa or a bench that can be converted into a bed.

Convertible lower beds occupy floor space, whereas Pullman beds do not, as they are either suspended from the ceiling or attached to the wall.

How does a Pullman bed on Carnival Cruise compare to other cruise lines?

Pullman beds on Carnival Cruise ships are quite similar to those on other cruise lines. They all serve the same function of providing additional sleeping arrangements without taking up valuable floor space.

The main differences may lie in the overall design and comfort level, which can vary slightly between cruise lines.

Where are Pullman beds located on a Carnival cruise ship?

Pullman beds are usually found in select cabins designed to accommodate more than two passengers. Depending on the specific cabin configuration, Pullman beds can be situated above the main bed or above a convertible sofa bed.

Interior, ocean view, and balcony cabins with Pullman beds are generally available on Carnival Cruise ships. It is essential to check the specific cabin category or consult the deck plans to identify which cabins feature Pullman beds.

What is a Pullman Bed on a Carnival Cruise?

If you have kids going with you on your cruise, booking a room with a Pullman bed is a great option. It create extra sleeping space without taking up any floor space in an already tight room.